Here are the services we offer for Indian Four Motocycles:

Overhaul of Indian Four and Ace powerplants

We completely overhaul these motors and include internal time proven and tested modifications that ensure they will provide relieable service using todays fuels and when subjected to modern riding conditions.

Component overhaul (heads, cylinders etc.)

If all you need is a sub assembly reworked, we are happy to oblige with that task also. Whether you need your cylinder heads rebuilt, or your cylinders bored and honed to fit new pistons, Hendersen Precision can complete this work with top notch accuracy and in a timely manner.

Casting repair:

These fine machines have not always had the relaxed life that they live today, in years past they were used hard and many have the battle scars to show for it. If your Four Cylinder fits into this catagory and you need some form of casting repair, whether it is cosmetic or structural, Hendersen Precision is the place to bring it. We have all the fixturing and tooling necessary to ensure that after the damaged area is repaired it will be straight and properly positioned. We have many years experience doing every kind of weld repair imaginable on these motors, and have perfected a system for welding those touchy Lynite castings that took years to develop.

We offer casting repair on the following items:

Upper and Lower cases
Intake Manifolds

Line Boring:

Hendersen Precision designed and built a custom line boring machine especially for Indian four Motocycle engines. This machine is capable of boring the bearings for all rotating assemblies in the motor, and they are all bored in relation to a central datum that ensures that all assemblies are in their proper place, and that they will interact with each other perfectly.

We offer Line Boring service for the following bearings:

Main Bearings
Countershaft Bearings
Cam Bearings
Mainshaft bearings

Valve train upgrade:

Fuels for internal combustion engines have changed tremendously in the past 60+ years since these bikes were new. We modify the heads and cylinders with modern hardened valve seats and stainless intake and exhaust valves that prepare them for use with todays gasolines and additives.

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